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Billy Maddex

Save the Internet, Save the World

2 min read

Dear friends on the Internet,

TLDR: Like Internet?, Go here: ,Submit form, Feel good about yourself!

Pardon my soapbox, but the time has come again to stand up for our internet rights. In case you haven't heard, the new FCC chair in this good ol' US of A thinks it is time to stop regulating "the internet." In reality his latest proposal basically removes the last vestiges of government oversight from Internet Service Providers.

Forget about "net neutrality," that is a strange and confusing term that just hides the truth. This is about whether the feds are going to help regulate what is basically a regional monopoly industry and protect the interests of million of ACTUAL human American people, or let those large ISPs dominate our internet usage with whatever restrictions, forcing branded content, and extra fees they want.

The last thing we want is our ISPs getting into the content business and then charging extra to access services that they don't own. Or maybe just slowing them down as to be virtually unusable.

Let Ajit Pai and his FCC know that you want ISPs regulated as Title II Common Carriers, just like telephone companies of old. Let them know we want them to regulate the business of residential ISPs. A massive public outcry helped set the last FCC administation staight, let's make them listen again.

This form, form the amazing EFF, makes it super easy to speak your piece, so just do it already:

Or maybe you really do want to live in a Comcastic Verizon Land...